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Der Sitzmark Ski Club

Boyce Park

Boyce Park ski area, our most local ski area, is in danger of being closed by Allegheny County. The ski area has been a money loser for the county the past few seasons. Certainly the weather has worked against the facility in recent years. It is open more than many people think and with very light crowds most of the time. They could turn a profit, or at least break even, if more skiers used the facility.

Recently there has been an additional report which suggests improvements to Boyce Park, including enhancements to the ski area. This report is the 2001 Master Plan, select chapter 5 and scroll to section 5.3.5.

Support from local skiers would help keep the facility in operation.

The park is located in Plum Borough and is accessed from its main entrance on Monroeville-Trestle Road. From the Parkway East, exit at Plum (Route 48 north) and follow the Orange Belt signs to the main entrance.

The county now has a web site which lists hours and some fees.

Lessons and rentals are available for both skiers and snowboarders. Snow conditions 24 hours 724-733-4665, general information 724-733-4656. Also try

Boyce Park is a beginners and mild intermediate area. It is a great area for kids and to learn to ski.

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