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Der Sitzmark Ski Club

Welcome to your member page. This is to provide a forum for members to share information with each other related to the club.

This site will have a new password each month. The password will be published in the newsletter. The password will be changed on the normal meeting day. This will also cause the exact url of this site to change although it may always be accessed via and the password. This is done to provide at least a small level of security by keeping this site less accessible to the general public. Experience will demonstrate that security of any sort is not foolproof and non-members could potentially access this site. Caution should be used concerning the information placed on this site.

Our Favorite Condo Recipies

The latest condo recipies from our club members are now online. Recipies

The Latest News for Our 2003 Ski Season

The public web site has been fully updated for the new season.

How To Add Your Information To This Page

If you have any sort of information to share with the members via the web, this is the place where it may be placed. Information may be sent to Rodney Horner for posting here. A link to a site of your own may also be posted here.

Communications/Bulletin Board

This area is setup to provide an e-mail forum for members. It may be used for exchange of any information related to the ski club or club business. Some of these e-mail forums have many rules. For now lets just let common sense rule.

To participate, you must subscribe by sending an e-mail from the e-mail address you wish to use with the forum to The subject and body of the e-mail should be blank. If your e-mail does not permit blank subjects or bodies, use the word subscribe there. All members are encouraged to subscribe.

Once your subscription is confirmed, you will receive any e-mail sent to the forum. You may send e-mail to the forum by sending to All members are encouraged to participate.

To remove yourself from the forum, send a blank e-mail to Use the e-mail address where you were subscribed.

The list is free to the club. There will be some advertising attached to e-mails sent through the system.

Non Skiing Stuff - Theater Organ Concert

There is a major theater organ installation in the Pittsburgh area. It has been restored and maintained by the Pittsburgh Theatre Organ Society, known as PATOS. They are bringing in a professional orgainist for a concert on April 26, 2003 at 7:30 PM. The cost is $12 at the door. This is the last concert of the regular season.

The installation is at Keystone Oaks High School located at 1000 Kelton Avenue in Dormont. The group has a web site which includes directions. The auditorium has been recently renovated. This is the second year in the renovated auditorium.

Non Skiing Stuff - Star Party

The astronomy club is hosting a free observing event (a Star Party) on April 11 and 12, 2003. It is at their observatory in Deer lakes park. Arrive as it is starting to get dark. Stay as long as you are having fun. Details and future events may be found from the star party link on the calendar page of their web site.

They have a large 11 inch Brashear refractor and a "Manka" 21 inch reflector in the observatory building. Various members' telescopes will be setup on the grounds.