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Der Sitzmark Ski Club

To provide members with a chance to identify themselves as club members while at events and on the slopes, there is a small selection of "Logo" merchandise available. Come to the meeting and buy them from Ron Saver. The prices are subject to change if they are wrong here.

First is the genuine Der Sitzmark pin. It is a brass look pin with a latch on the back. The colors are neatly enameled, all with brass borders. Everything black except the boots in the image is really brass colored. (The boots are really black.) Actual size is about 7/8 of an inch diameter. $2.00.

Image of pin

Second is the patch. It is neatly embroidered and can be sewn to coats and nearly any type of cloth. Actual size is about 2-5/8 inches in diameter. $2.00.

Image of patch

The third item is the lanyard. Handy for holding something around your neck while skiing. (Try not to notice that the word Sitzmark is misspelled.) The lanyard forms a loop of about 35 inches. $4.00.

Image of lanyard